Promising Trials Indicate Cannabis Oil Reduces Seizures in Epileptic Patients

Medical marijuana has been a topic of interest (and debate) for nearly two decades. California, the first state to implement the medical marijuana law, has shown great success in decreasing side effects of a number of conditions, like cancer, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and epilepsy. As more states and territories legalize medical marijuana, the easier it has become to perform necessary research and drug trials to see just how effective this plant is. A result of these experiments have yielded “cannabis oil,” a byproduct of the cannabis plant that is concentrated in the healing properties and low in the psychological effects we all associated with marijuana.

In Georgia, clinical trials have exposedthe benefits of using cannabis oil to treatment epileptic seizures. The research is not complete, but the beginning results are promising. Georgia has recently formed a Commission on Medical Cannabis as a result of passing the medical marijuana law in the last election.


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Dr. Yong Park, the man behind the trials at Regents University Medical College of Georgia, reviewed the project and said that participants in the study suffered from Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy, generally affecting children. When the researchers used Epidiolex, a cannabis oil drug, for these patients for a 12 week period, seizures fell by nearly 60% in most cases. The researchers also tracked other forms of epilepsy, and used control groups who had no seizures. After this research trial is over, the Governor of Georgia has approved tests on cannabis oil’s influence on diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

The results of this test directly affect families whose children could not access medical marijuana prior to the vote. Now, children with a variety of rare medical conditions can at least be provided some level of comfort with cannabis oil. Patients with all forms of epilepsy have benefited from this invention. One downside to the legalization of cannabis oil in the state of Georgia is that parents and families must be registered and approved to receive the medication. This means more hoops to jump through and more regulations and rules controlling people who need the drugs.


Officials say this is to prevent the inevitable influx of people to Georgia who are very sick and could benefit from these drugs. They also warn that there will be attempts to abuse the system, and people will either apply for these drugs with false documentation, or the people who are approved will attempt to sell it illegally. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the medical marijuana industry. In order to prevent this from happening, the only way to fix it is to legalize it everywhere. That’s a huge leap for the United States as a country, though, and will not happen for some time. Until then, to get approved for medical cannabis oil in Georgia, you must first obtain your medical marijuana registration, and then file for cannabis oil trial status. Currently, only about 200 people have been approved to use it.