Hedge Fund Trader in U.S. Monopolizes AIDS drug

The “Jerk of the Year” award goes to Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund trader based out of New York City. Shkreli heads the firm Turing Pharmaceuticals, also based in New York City, and the company just acquired the rights to a huge product. Daraprim, also known as pyrimethamine, is a drug used to treat AIDS and other immune system disorders. It treats toxoplasmosis, or a build up to the toxic viral “gunk” that happens when your entire body is fighting itself. Prior to this acquisition, the pill sold for about $13.50 a pop. Thanks to Shkreli, the pill is now sold at $750 apiece, nearly 5,000% more than before.


The Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine association sent Martin Shrekli a letter, letting him know that the price increase would put very ill patient’s lives on the line. The groups begged him to lower the prices, and distribute the medication fairly to those who need the drugs. The drug is also used to treat malaria, and has been patented since 1953. When GlaxoSmithKline sold the rights in 2010 to CorePharma, they could not have known that CorePharma would be acquired by Impax Laboratories, or that Impax would then sell the rights to this life-saving drug to Turing and its head, Martin Shkreli. This illustrates how far down the rabbit hole the pharmaceutical industry has fallen; using drugs solely for profit rather than public health.

But before we all grab our torches, let’s let Martin Shkreli defend himself. Or better yet, let’s let a Turig spokesman speak for him. Craig Rothenberg, the poor messenger, announced to the press that the company was currently working with hospitals and care providers to negotiate insurance and coverage. He also wanted to make the point that the pills would be free of charge to uninsured patients. Daraprim’s price, Turig says, will help fund necessary research for toxoplasmosis rather than just maintaining the status quo. In late September, Mr. Shkreli finally came out of hiding, and the told press during an interview that Daraprim was still “under-priced compared to its peers.” OK, so maybe go ahead and grab those torches.

Dow Closes Above 15,000 For First Time In History

Sadly, this is not the first example of the pharmacy industry exploiting the demand for a product. In fact, it’s often the norm rather than the exception. Examples include doxycycline, a common antibiotic that could be purchased for about $20 a bottle in previous years. After a number of patent changes, the drug was increased to over $1,300 per bottle. The sale of drug patents and the acquisition of companies changes the game for many products, but it affects the people who use them the most. If a person cannot afford their life-saving medication, they’re not going to purchase it. The increase poses a risk for public health and decreased success in the healthcare field. Many believe the key is regulating the industry more, but the pharmaceutical companies often lobby with governments and lawmakers, making it difficult to make a real impact.


Pharmacy and Clinical Trial Regulations Finally Placed on China

As of March 1, 2015, drug trials performed and monitored in China are now susceptible to guiding rules. The regulations were passed through Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), the industry that promotes pharmacy testing and trials overseas in China. Not only does this help China create a trusted clinical reputation, but also ensures that they will not be receiving products to test that are already unsafe or should not be tested.


Prior to this date, Chinese pharmacy market was generally unregulated. Many overseas companies utilized the Chinese markets to pass on illegitimate or unsafe products. Think of all the fast weight-loss pills and sexual enhancement solutions. Many of these come from overseas sources, such as China. Now, China is stepping up to the plate in order to prevent this from happening. While many are concerned that this will hurt China’s booming pharmaceutical industry, many more think it is the best bet.


Without regulation of drugs and their trials, the pharmaceutical industry could pass along whatever drugs they wanted to, whether or not they posed a real threat. There is also an issue with quality of basic, useful drugs. Without regulation, the fluctuation in Chinese products is very noticeable. The CFDA will promote better methods of testing and distributing drugs that run through the Multi-Center Clinical Trials facilities. While this may result in a few companies no longer being approved, it will increase overall public health.

For those like the pharmaceutical companies that are concerned about the market impact this will cause, there is little consolation to be given. China is one of the fastest growing drug industries in the world, even surpassing the United States who are also held to the standards of their Food and Drug Administration. These companies will surely experience some decrease in profits, as they are no longer allowed to sell and produce unsafe products. However, legitimate business and drug providers will not have such issues. It’s all a matter of business ethics.

China also believes that this will help outsourcing from large countries who need cheaper production for their own drug products. The United States already performs a number of drug trials overseas, and China’s new regulations will make them a candidate for future investments. China’s new infrastructure is aiding to build a more quality country and stable markets over the preceding methods. Hopefully now China can move from quantity into quality, and provide safe drugs with excellent benefits to people of their own country and of others.


Promising Trials Indicate Cannabis Oil Reduces Seizures in Epileptic Patients

Medical marijuana has been a topic of interest (and debate) for nearly two decades. California, the first state to implement the medical marijuana law, has shown great success in decreasing side effects of a number of conditions, like cancer, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and epilepsy. As more states and territories legalize medical marijuana, the easier it has become to perform necessary research and drug trials to see just how effective this plant is. A result of these experiments have yielded “cannabis oil,” a byproduct of the cannabis plant that is concentrated in the healing properties and low in the psychological effects we all associated with marijuana.

In Georgia, clinical trials have exposedthe benefits of using cannabis oil to treatment epileptic seizures. The research is not complete, but the beginning results are promising. Georgia has recently formed a Commission on Medical Cannabis as a result of passing the medical marijuana law in the last election.


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Dr. Yong Park, the man behind the trials at Regents University Medical College of Georgia, reviewed the project and said that participants in the study suffered from Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy, generally affecting children. When the researchers used Epidiolex, a cannabis oil drug, for these patients for a 12 week period, seizures fell by nearly 60% in most cases. The researchers also tracked other forms of epilepsy, and used control groups who had no seizures. After this research trial is over, the Governor of Georgia has approved tests on cannabis oil’s influence on diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

The results of this test directly affect families whose children could not access medical marijuana prior to the vote. Now, children with a variety of rare medical conditions can at least be provided some level of comfort with cannabis oil. Patients with all forms of epilepsy have benefited from this invention. One downside to the legalization of cannabis oil in the state of Georgia is that parents and families must be registered and approved to receive the medication. This means more hoops to jump through and more regulations and rules controlling people who need the drugs.


Officials say this is to prevent the inevitable influx of people to Georgia who are very sick and could benefit from these drugs. They also warn that there will be attempts to abuse the system, and people will either apply for these drugs with false documentation, or the people who are approved will attempt to sell it illegally. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the medical marijuana industry. In order to prevent this from happening, the only way to fix it is to legalize it everywhere. That’s a huge leap for the United States as a country, though, and will not happen for some time. Until then, to get approved for medical cannabis oil in Georgia, you must first obtain your medical marijuana registration, and then file for cannabis oil trial status. Currently, only about 200 people have been approved to use it.